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4 Tips for Playing Phasmophobia You Should Know

Phasmophobia is a horror game that has recently been popular with streamers or YouTubers. In this game, you have the task of hunting ghosts and guessing what kind of ghosts are in the building or housing you will explore.

So for those of you who are confused about how to hunt ghosts properly and correctly, let’s see four tips for playing Phasmophobia through this one article!

1. Bringing Important Items or Equipment

Bringing Important Items

In Phasmophobia, there are various kinds of items or equipment that you can bring to find ghosts. When starting the game, you should bring some of these items to make it easier to find ghosts.

Flashlight: Flashlight to provide light so you can see in the dark;
UV Flashlight: A flashlight used to find traces that have been left by ghosts such as fingerprints or footsteps;
Spirit Box: A radio-shaped item used to interact or talk with ghosts around;
EMF Reader: EMF Reader is an item used to detect ghosts. The higher the EMF level, the sign that the ghost is near us;
Video Camera: There are two types of cameras that you can carry, one of which is the Video Camera. You can put the Video Camera in a place where ghosts will pass to see if an Orb is passing or not;
Photo Camera: Meanwhile, Photo Camera is a camera that is used to photograph ghosts, or take pictures of signs given by ghosts such as fingerprints or footsteps;
Ghost Writing Books: Save in a room where there are ghosts. Certain kinds of ghosts will write something down in the book;
Crucifix: Cross to stop ghost attacks. This item only has a maximum distance of 4 meters;
Thermometer: To check the temperature in the room. The lower the room temperature, the sign that there is a ghost near you.

2. Maintain Communication with Friends

Maintain Communication

Communication is very important in this game. Therefore you must always communicate with friends and tell your colleagues if you experience a strange event such as hearing or seeing something strange.

3. Do not casually mention the ghost’s name

mention the ghost's name

One of the unique things about this game is that the ghost in the game can hear your voice. If you don’t want to lure the ghosts out, then you should not carelessly mention the ghost’s name so that they don’t get angry and attack suddenly.

4. Ask the Right Questions Using the Spirit Box

Ask the Right Questions

An item called Spirit Box is an item that is quite important. Ask the right questions to get a response from the ghost, and the following are examples of questions that can be asked using the Spirit Box.

“Give us a Sign”
“Speak to us / me”
“What do you want?”
“Do you want us here?”
“Should we leave?”
“Where are you?”
“Are you there?”
Certain types of ghosts will respond to this question via the Spirit Box.

So, those are the four tips for playing Phasmophobia that you must know in order to become a good and true ghost hunter.

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