Update Battle Pass for Valorant Act III

All Information in the Valorant Act III Update, New Map and Agent!

Right on this day, Valorant presents a new patch called Act III. In this latest patch , Riot Games adds several new elements to its tactical shooter game which will make this game even more fun to play.

What’s more, the update presented by the Valorant Act III is no joke. They added new maps and characters, you know! For more details, you can look directly below.

1. The presence of a new map called Icebox

The presence of a new map

Valorant Act III adds the latest update in the form of a map called Icebox . This map invites you to endure intense combat in a research facility that has long been neglected in the artic realm . In this map , you can find a thick layer of snow that will accompany you when playing as an attacker or defender .

This map also presents a new way to fight, namely a rope that connects two locations at once. And because of this addition, players are expected to make the fight even more interesting to do.

You can taste Icebox since October 13, 2020 for rank or no rank . As for the new competitive mode , it can be felt on October 27, 2020.

2. Refreshing Competitive Mode

Refreshing Competitive Mode

It is hoped that the change in the competitive mode of Valorant Act III will facilitate rank advancement as the Riot Games team tries to perfect the team’s play for the long term in order to encourage healthy competition.

Increase Act Rank Badge when entering the next competitive round ;
The queue rank is lowered from 6 levels to 3 levels, to make finding opponents easier;
Choose the server you want and improve your ping conditions ;
Immortal + rank 100% results are determined by wins and losses.

3. Update Battle Pass for Valorant Act III

Update Battle Pass for Valorant Act III

The Battle Pass is again refined for Valorant Act III with an overhaul of the weekly missions to unlock them faster and with additional epilogue levels. The more kills and exp , the faster you will get exclusive content for Act III , such as the Chilly McFreeze amulet and the Radianite Hazard player card.

By purchasing the Battle Pass Premium, you will also unlock more Valorant accessories , such as the Ruin Vandal, Disco Ball amulets, and Surge Bucky.

4. The arrival of the newest weapon skins and amulets

newest weapon skins and amulets

In this latest update , you can also enjoy various displays of new weapons for Valorant . Although it will not affect combat performance, at least the presence of skins and amulets can spoil your eyes during the game. The following is a list of the skins and amulets of weapons presented in the Valorant Act III update .

Singularity Weapon Skins
In the Valorant Act III weapon skin , you will get Singularity. This skin appears very quirky dominated by a purple color. There are five weapons that will get the Singularity skin , they are Phantom, Sheriff, Specter, Ares, and Melee. You can also buy Singluarity bundles for a lower price.

Weapon Amulet
The new amulet has a profound meaning: it celebrates the return of challengers from the Middle East and North Africa. This weapon amulet is named Dallah Gun Buddy which you can get on October 28, 2020.

5. The release of the newest agent named Skye

newest agent named Skye

Valorant finally introduced a new agent named Skye. This agent uses the earth’s natural resources to fight. He is also known as an environmental activist from Australia. In battle, Skye will be accompanied by a number of beasts that can increase HP recovery while tracking all opponents.

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