Five Seraphine Ability League

Five Seraphine Ability League of Legends, the Latest Champion to Release Soon

Seraphine can be said to be the most phenomenal Champion League of Legends in 2020. Not yet released, this Champion has attracted the attention of many people because it has its own Instagram account which has been followed by more than 377 thousand followers.

Five Seraphine Ability League

Based on information that has been circulating, this beautiful girl is a musician who will collaborate with the popular idol group League of Legends , K / DA.

It is rumored that their collaboration song will enliven the grand final stage of Worlds 2020 which will be held in the near future. Surely the Summoners can’t wait to use this beautiful Champion in League of Legends. You can find out about Seraphine’s full abilities below.

Passive – Stage Presence
Each of Seraphine’s third abilities will echo and automatically launch a second time. Every time he uses an ability near his friend, Seraphine will issue a Music Note which gives a b onus range of basic attacks and bonus magic damage . Music notes will be used after using this passive skill .

Q – High Note
Seraphine releases a melodious musical note, providing increased magic damage based on the target’s HP percentage lost.

W – Surround Sound
Seraphine sings a song that surrounds her friends, giving her and her friends movement speed and shield . If Seraphine has received a shield , he will give HP recovery to his friends based on how many friendly players are nearby.

E – Beat Drop
Seraphine launches sound waves that provide magic damage which gives a slow effect to enemies in 1 straight line. Enemies affected by the slow effect will be rooted , while enemies who have been affected by the root effect will be stunned .

R – Encore
Seraphine takes control of the stage, releasing waves of captivating music that deliver magic damage and charm effects . All Champions (including friends) who are hit by the Encore will extend this ability range . Friendly champions affected by this skill will get maximum Music Notes.

At first glance Seraphine’s fifth abilities look very similar, even more OP than Sona. He is a Champion Enchanter who is able to buff and heal his friends around him. Seraphine is most suitable for use as Support on Bot Lane because its passive skill effect requires the presence of a friendly Champion to activate it.

Those are the 5 abilities of Seraphine, the newest Champion that will soon be released in League of Legends . You can see more clearly Seraphine’s five abilities through the video below.

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