Genshin Impact

Raising a Profit of 100 Million USD in 2 Weeks, Genshin Impact Developers Return on Investment!

Since being released globally 2 weeks ago, Genshin Impact has made a profit of around 100 million USD. Data obtained from many sources states that the game by miHoYo has benefited more than 100 million USD.

Genshin Impact

Mihoyo reported that making this game cost around 100 million USD. That way from now on miHoYo has returned its investment and is starting to reap the benefits of the game Genshin Impact . Since the first day of release on September 28, 2020, this game has been widely downloaded by players from Japan, Korea and China.

Seeing the popularity of another game from miHoYo, Honkai Impact 3 , it’s only natural that Genshin Impact can reap such insane profits. Moreover, Genshin Impact is a multi-platform RPG that can be played on Android, PC, and Playstation 4.


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