Run 3 Unblocked Game Online

Run 3 Unblocked Game is Popular, Fun and Easy 3d Runner Game. Try it, we are sure you really like it. Run 3, also popular as Run Mobile, is the third game in the Run series. This is only called “Run” on mobile devices, which causes confusion with Run 1.

Run 3 was launched on June 5, 2014 by Player 03, and is continually updated. There are now more than 20 side tunnels that can be played, 309 levels (367 including minigames), published and can be played, and 59 levels that have not been released but may be played in future updates, of which 44 have not yet been released in the tunnel.


This game is played in a series of tunnels in space. There are ten characters you can play, each with their own abilities and personalities. Run 3 introduces a number of new equipment not seen in previous games, such as darkness, ramps, collapsed tiles, and the ability to return to the tunnel after jumping out.


Run 3 Unblocked Game Online

In-game currencies are also added, called Power cells. With this power cell, you can use it to buy characters and improve various parts of the game in the Shop. Now the bonus from Run 2 is removed, and in the middle of the tunnel no more boxes appear as before. The only exception is the floating box in the Bridge Building, where the ring can be used to push the box.


Run 3 has two main game modes, namely Infinite Mode and Browsing mode. There are also a number of other game features, such as Level Editor and Shop, while some other players also publish thousands of levels created with Level Editor.


The main attraction of Run 3 is in this explore mode. By playing in roaming mode several characters can be unlocked, as well as halloween and Winter costume.Find more information about Explore mode on this page. The Runner galaxy map acts as a hub level for Explore mode, showing all levels and tunnels that can be explored.


More information about Infinite mode can be found on the designated page. In Infinite Mode there are several levels that were previously created in random order. Your goal is to complete as many levels as possible, because your progress is not saved between levels.

Every time you travel far enough, your level will repeat. The main aim of Infinite mode is to collect power cells, the form of currency in the game. Power cells are used to buy costumes and other characters. A complete list of Infinite Mode levels can be found in the Infinite Mode Gallery, with levels identified via the specified ID number.


Yes, this is some kind of game mode, right? Using power cells to buy things can be fun, and it must be counted as a game. This allows you to buy various boxes and costumes, which can affect Infinite Mode and Explore Mode (you can increase the number of boxes in each level). You can also unlock different characters, who are cool and have special abilities. More information about the Shop can be found on this page


One of the great features of Unblocked Run 3 is that you can design your own level! Different types of tiles can be used in this game mode, and you have the option to test your own level. Every time you test your level, you will be guided by a level editor that shows your path, allowing you to change levels even more.

You can even change the tile type, tile color and size. In addition, you can create set levels, which means you can arrange your levels like tunnels! After you test it, you can publish it and share it with your friends!


There are several set levels that you can play if you play on Kongregate. You can play at other people’s levels created with Level Editor! This is challenging and very fun.


The controls for this game are WASD or arrow keys:
SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump A or LEFT Arrow = Left D or RIGHT Arrow = Right


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